Job Training

Working with several different businesses and skill centers, Warriors On Track works with Vets to find compatible skills and get them started on a path to success.  Additionally, successful Veterans donate their time to help Vets adapt to civilian life.

Job Placement

Warriors on Track is partnered with Hire Heroes USA to help veterans who complete our program find work that fits their skill set.

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Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy has proven to help veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI in many ways.  Since each veteran has a different experience and reaction to the events causing the PTSD or TBI, Warriors on Track offers individualized programs to insure success.  For many, our program centers on recreational therapy that includes team building exercises, meditation therapy, surfing, and for some, training to crew a professional race team.  Racing is a team effort that has many of the physical and emotional stresses of battle allowing veterans to learn how to better manage those stresses.  As our program grows we will add additional recreational therapies to further increase our ability to help veterans fully recover from PTSD or TBI.

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Neuromodulation Therapy

Also called MeRT, Neuromodulation therapy is included for program participants who are identified as candidates for MeRT therapy will receive this therapy at no cost as part of the Warriors on Track Treatment program.

Warriors On Track

Founded by Veterans who had PTSD and found a way out.

Getting on Track means living better

Drug and alcohol abuse, spousal abuse and even suicide can result from PTSD.  Our Vets weren’t born this way but something changed their brain while they were in military service.  Our program is designed to heal the brain by helping it change back to something closer to the way it was when they left.   At the completion of the program, the Veteran no longer needs drugs or alcohol to “battle the demons” or “find peace”, as many of them have told us.

Next Steps…

Vets and Donors can fill out a contact form to find out what to do next.  As of now, we have a waiting list of Vets.  Your donation is critical to getting them the care they need.

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