Warriors On Track is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Warriors On Track Volunteers who have made the transition to the civilian world as community leaders, politicians, attorneys, doctors, pilots and business owners work with our Vets to help them find a path that will lead them to success.

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Recreational Therapy

Along with counseling and job training there are recreational events to help our Vets heal faster, re-connect with the core principles they learned in the service of our country and find a peaceful way to transition back.  Meditation, outdoor group activities, and for a lucky group, training to become the pit crew on a professional motorsports team.

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Warriors On Track

The vision of two Veterans who returned home only to find they couldn’t adapt to civilian life. PTSD was accelerating them on a downward spiral.  Alcohol and drug abuse, family abuse, and suicide are all results of PTSD.  After finding treatment and a productive channel for their energies, Warriors On Track was founded to raise funds that help other Veterans get into treatment at no cost to them.

The VA estimates that it spends nearly $40,000 per year on each PTSD diagnosed Veteran, and that after three years, almost 40% of those Veterans are still considered PTSD or TBI “at risk”.

The two founders of Warriors on Track are living proof, there is a treatment for PTSD that works.

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